We Tried It: PROJECT by Equinox

A complete wellness routine includes choices made throughout your day, in all aspects of your life. From the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep, you have the power to choose wellness as a priority. One of the biggest components of a well-rounded wellness routine is movement. Let's face it, most of us are sitting 9-5 throughout the day. Taking the stairs at 5th avenue and 53rd street subway is one step in the right direction. We also love the Time Out app that helps you remember to take breaks (aka get up and stretch) throughout the day. 

Integrating exercise into your week is key to your overall health and wellness. Our bodies crave movement. But we get it... running on the treadmill three times a week is boring!! Luckily it's 2018 and there are TONS of options for group classes to get you moving. This year our team is determined to try them all because just like you we are working towards establishing our individual wellness routines. 

We're excited to partner with PROJECT by Equinox as a bonus perk on our Commit to Clean Challenge. For those new to Provenance, perks are offered by our Provenance Approved Partners as rewards you get for putting your health and wellness first on the 7-Day Provenance Detox and 3 Week Commit to Clean Challenge.

Unlike any normal gym or spin studio, PROJECT is THE future of fitness. Think of it as a training ground for innovative fitness professionals to test out new concepts and push the boundary when it comes to personal training and group classes. 

Our favorite class we tried was with Megan Roup, the mastermind behind The Sculpt Society. It's a high energy, full body, non-stop, dance cardio style workout. Truly unlike anything we've tried before. 

Megan shared, "this class is tailored for the “New Yorker on-the-go”; everything you need in under an hour to change your body. No dance background required. What makes this class unique, is that it’s undoubtedly fun, but will also kick your a**. It’s so important to enjoy your workout, and these 50 minutes will fly by thanks to great music and the positive energy that thrives in every class." 

Other classes we're excited to try out are the circuit-style class "Double Trouble" from Matt & Luis as well as the low-impact, sculpting "Babes & Bands" class from Bec Donlan. Not a newbie? They also have classes like "The Gauntlet" designed for the advanced exerciser. 

Planning for movement and exercise should be just as important as your self-care, beauty, sleep, and eating priorities. Once you have your clean eating routine nailed down with meal planning or prepared meal delivery throughout the week, step up your wellness routine and make a plan to incorporate movement into your weekly routine.