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We're so honored to be featured by top publications, loved by functional and integrative medicine experts, and reviewed by our clients. Check out what they have to say about their experience with Provenance Meals.

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"Provenance's food manages to be really clean and nutritious and really delicious (score). It's also uber convenient"


"Non-processed whole-food ingredients and entirely from-scratch cooking are the foundations of Provenance Meals."


"Scrolling through the Provenance site is kind of like taking a virtual walk through your local farmer's market, which makes sense since the fresh ingredients used for the clean, detox-approved meals are sourced locally organic."


"The whole experience felt luxurious. Sure, the added benefit of a slightly slimmer body was great. But, what the four days really made clear to me, was the effect soy actually has on my skin. The entire week, my skin was clear and redness-free."


"Brooklyn-based Provenance Meals puts a new spin on the idea of detoxing and cleansing through the vessel of whole foods. Try a one, three or five day cleanse delivered to your door."


"BECAUSE MY LIFE IS INCREDIBLY BUSY, LIKE EVERY OTHER NEW YORKER, I ALSO WOULD TRY OUT A GOOP-APPROVED MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE, CALLED PROVENANCE MEALS. The week when [they] delivered delicious breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner was a true lifesaver. I could get used to that simple luxury for sure."


"Meal Deliveries Endorsed by Lena Dunham and the Like....Provenance Meals’ organic, gluten-free, dairy-free weekly meal boxes work for paleo dieters, vegans and even regular old omnivores."


"Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services... Provenance provides meals that are designed by wellness experts and enthusiastic chefs with the goal of making it easy and convenient for everyone to eat clean, every day."


"Skip Your Morning Coffee—This Trendy New Meal Plan is All You Need... seriously, this is a highly filling, energy inspiring meal plan."


"Good quality, nutritious foods... absolutely delicious. I love recommending Provenance Meals to my patients because I know they will get good quality, nutritious foods that correspond to my dietary recommendations, while also being absolutely delicious." - Dr. Frank Lipman, Founder of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and author of New York Times-bestselling books The New Health Rules and Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again.
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"So grateful for Provenance Meals!
I like to set my patients up for success when it comes to implementation of a lifestyle healing protocol. Prepared organic meals that eliminate major processed food offenders is the first step for many in beginning their healing journey. So grateful for Provenance Meals!" - Dr. Kelly Brogan, Holistic Women's Health Psychiatrist and Author of the New York Times Bestseller, A Mind of Your Own
"I started ordering breakfast and lunch from Provenance and it's been a game changer. When I'm shooting long hours on the show sometimes we are eating breakfast at 4am and other days we are eating breakfast at 4pm. So sometimes eating right isn't always easy. I started ordering breakfast and lunch from Provenance and it's been a game changer. For me, having nutritious ready-made options on hand is a no brainer, it helps me feel great, start the day off right, and maintain good energy. It comes early in the morning and I just grab it and go! Provenance has been a healthy, convenient, and yummy addition to my shooting schedule!" - Krysten Ritter, Actress
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"After trying multiple food delivery options, I found Provenance and it exceeded all expectations. I was looking for fresh, tasty, and most importantly healthy pre-made meals to keep me nourished and sane during my long shooting hours while in New York. That was not an easy task especially with my food restrictions and hectic schedule. They had amazing service, always delivered fresh organic produce, and the meals were not only filling but delicious. Provenance provided me and my boyfriend with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the duration of our shoot. To say we were satisfied is an understatement. They made eating clean easy and convenient. Thank you Provenance!" - Gina Rodriguez, Actress
"I cannot recommend Provenance enough. It is an incredible tool for people who want to clean up their diet, those who don’t have time to cook healthy, new moms like myself, and anyone who cherishes healthy, homemade meals. Their team is always available for support or to answer any questions. I love their philosophy around no calorie counting, it’s just about eating high quality food, made from scratch, with no crap added." - Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga + Pilates Instructor, Wellness Expert, and Author
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"I would definitely recommend this to any friend that was trying to get back on track. This detox felt different from others I’ve done. Maybe it was a mind set, but it most certainly helped that to food was delicious and satisfying. I was working out for the first time in a long time and noticed that I wasn’t ravenously hungry or feeling fatigued. I even think that by eating good foods my recovery time felt shorter." - Vanessa Ray, Actress
"I love how Provenance gets that there's no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition. Provenance Meals is awesome for those busy days where you don't have time to plan ahead and you don't want to think about food, but you want to be sure you're being properly nourished! You choose what foods are right for your body, and you can trust that with Provenance they will be both healthy and delicious!" - Nathalie W Rhone, MS, RD, CDN
"I'm time starved and eating well is something that has always been important to me. I've found other programs are not nutritionally balanced and taste very pre made and overly refrigerated. I like my ingredients to be top quality. This program allows me to order based on a schedule that works for me and MOST importantly I enjoy the food. You can tailor it specifically and pick paleo, vegetarian etc. The breakfasts, soups and dinners in my view are the strength of the service. I feel really good from it and want people in this area to know about it! - Brooke Jaffe, Manhattan
"I’ve done meal services for years and yours are the best I’ve had! Your meals are bar none! Bravo. Everyday is a joy and I’m never let down by a single meal and never hungry. I’m obsessed." - Marissa, Manhattan
"I'm thrilled at how much more time I'll get back in my life with this. The food is amazing. So thank you, thank you!" - Client in Manhattan
"The detox was great and pain free!
I could totally see doing this seasonally and adding some regular meals leading up to it and after as well." - Kyla, Manhattan
"Each thoughtfully curated Provenance meal is a sensory delight! With Provenance, I am confident that I am feeding my body the very best ingredients while enjoying global cuisines and food combinations that are new, interesting and tasty. Each meal is a flavor bomb cooked with love! I never knew that vegan could taste so good! I appreciate the variety and ease of meal selection and delivery. So much time saved researching recipes shopping, cooking and cleaning up. My compliments to the chef and all involved!" - Kelly, Manhattan
"Although I considered my diet pretty clean, I discovered that it wasn’t really.
I now realize that dairy, gluten, sugar and meat can really take a toll on your body. So three weeks ago, I consulted Provenance Meals. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my energy levels, I snack less often than I used to, and I feel happier knowing that I’m fueling my body right." - Jessica Richards, Owner of Shen Beauty and head of the wellness and beauty department at Free People
"...So delicious. I’ve definitely seen a change in my energy levels and in my skin. I’m always running around like a crazy person during the day, so I felt like I was gaining weight because I was just eating whatever was available to me. I wasn’t eating food that was healthy and actually good for my body. I wanted to clean, and I knew there was no way I was able to prepare it myself. My husband and I recently started eating [Provenance Meals], and [they’re] so delicious. I’ve definitely seen a change in my energy levels and in my skin." - Samantha Wasser, Co-Founder and Creative Director of vegan eatery By Chloe
"I have to say that the detox was really great for me. I had prepped the weekend before by cutting out refined sugars, caffeine, and dairy, but even so the first few days were a little tough. I noticed increased irritability and difficulty concentrating at work. But by mid-week, say about Wednesday, I was feeling soo good. And by Friday, I'd lost 4 pounds, which is amazing! The day after the detox ended I did have some carbs and wine but I continued to eat mostly plant-based through the past weekend. And I've noticed my cravings are not nearly as crazy as they used to be. The pounds have stayed off and I'm continuing with your organic meal plan today and tomorrow. Overall, I'd say I had a really positive experience and would do it again in a heartbeat." - Lauren, Brooklyn
"Provenance Meals has become my go-to when I need a quick "reset". As a food blogger I'm constantly indulging, but I always want to make sure my health comes first. Provenance Meals has become my go-to when I need a quick "reset". They make it easy to get back on track and feel my absolute best!" - Gracie Gordon, Hungry Blonde
"I have done quite a few different detoxes but this was by far and away the BEST. There were parts of it that were not fun but other factors that made it incredibly easy to maintain. I had a bad headache every afternoon for the first three days. My energy was super low, which I was surprised about because I was eating more than I felt I normally eat. I started to exercise again on Thursday. By Saturday I sprang out of bed and felt fantastic. And the FOOD. It was the best home delivery food I have ever eaten." - Jen, New York City
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"I have to tell you honestly that this was the best food delivery service I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried quite a few just given the business I’m in. I work full time in investment banking and teach a ton of fitness classes on the side. So I've been dying to find a meal plan that really works with my schedule, that I enjoy, and that I can tell my clients and coworkers about. They're often asking for my advice. Today’s three meals were incredibly delicious and I didn’t find myself starving in between them like I have with other plans. I truly would love to eat like this every day." - Madelaine O'Connell, NYC Trainer and Co-Founder of @sweatsandbalances
"Starting on this program is setting me up for success. I really love the food and it motivates me to do better." - Lydia, Brooklyn
"The meals are some of the best and most creative dishes I have ever had, making me look forward to meal times even more! As a busy New Yorker who is not content with fueling my days with quick $1 pizza slices, Provenance Meals is the perfect solution. I love that when I receive my meals for the week, I know exactly where they come from and the fresh and organic ingredients inside of them. I also love how Provenance Meals caters to every diet, ensuring there is something delicious for everyone!" - Tatum Murray,
"The food feels healthy but wholesome and real – not 'detoxy'. I've tried a total of 3 popular meal delivery services this month – Provenance is my favorite, and the one I'll use going forward. Why? The food itself is super delicious, and looks and feels like I'm ordering from a beautiful, healthy restaurant. I love the commitment to sustainability and the story of working with local vendors – compared to the other services (who also offered organic food), I feel Provenance has a genuine love and respect for farmers/growers and food itself, rather than just making it organic and calling it a day. And the delivery process was the smoothest by far of these 3 services. Love the tote bags!" - Sheila, Manhattan
"I have tried many meal delivery services in New York and I can say Provenance is truly special. The meals are amazingly wholesome and nutrient loaded, with a variety of international influences. The vegetables are beautiful and fresh and it all arrives in this lovely packaging. And as if the food were not enough, the customer services is impressive. You never feel like a number - they make sure to build personal relationships and respond quickly and attentively to all questions and requests." - SD M., Yelp 5-Star Review
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"I would be remiss to not tell you that cacao granola may be one of the most sinfully delicious concoctions I have ever had!!! Wow!" - Stephanie, Manhattan
"I EXPECTED EATING CLEAN TO BE MUCH HARDER. But was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had so many food choices, and that I could get by without my morning caffeine. I tried (and really liked) some new foods that I wouldn't have otherwise, generally felt healthier, and lost 5 pounds in the process! The experience has made me more cognizant of what I'm eating, and improved my overall eating habits. I would definitely do it again, and I think I've inspired a few friends to try it as well!" - Christine
"I don't typically eat plant based but really enjoyed how I felt after five days. My girlfriend was going to do the 5-day detox following the holidays and I realized it would be great for me to join her as well. I would definitely do it again." - James, Manhattan
"The Provenance detox changed my life! I can't say enough about Provenance Meals. A nutritionist recommended them to me - at the time I had been constantly sick & recovering from bronchitis. Just needing some help and TLC. I had never done a detox before & was always a little wary. After completing the 5 days of delicious vegan meals and following their easy instructions (I need instructions!) my body was totally reset. I continued ordering meals the following week and the week after. Guess what - I have already lost 8 pounds! I was in shock when I stepped on the scale. I have been trying to lose weight all year, and this is the first breakthrough. I think it's a mixture of many things: there is love that goes into the food and even the way it is delivered, the meals are delicious & nutritious, and having the portions controlled really helps. Thank you so much! - Karen, New York, NY
"I love your meals and have turned a lot of people on to Provenance Meals. I have been eating your meals for 12 weeks, have lost 12 pounds (I didn't think I had that much to give!), and my running and workouts are better than they have been for years." - Marc, Manhattan
"Provenance Meals has been a revelation. We're thoroughly and enthusiastically addicted. Nothing compares to the varied ingredients, inspired preparations and ease of walking in the door to a delicious dish from Provenance. It's made the idea of clean eating a breeze and totally gratifying. Dish after dish, with a consistency that is beyond impressive, the food is craveable -- not something one can say about many clean food recipes and delivery programs. The masterful combinations of fresh ingredients are the key to what drives your energy when you've eaten one of their meals. You can actually feel it working. We're busy and short on time like every big family -- work, kids and packed schedules -- and even if our best intentions of cooking with these kinds of ingredients were routinely followed, we'd never be able to compose dishes as delicious and balanced as these. Beyond the ease, the key is that Provenance food TASTES better than great restaurant food. It's obviously better than restaurant delivery/take-out, which is almost always unhealthy, better than any other clean eating services we've tried, and better than anything we might attempt to plan, shop for, prep and cook in the limited time we have. In short: addictive in the very best sense." - Renee & Brendan, Brooklyn, NY
"Coming home to a delicious, healthy meal prepared for you is truly amazing. Provenance Meals has transformed our lives. As two working parents with three kids our schedules are packed with little time for cooking. Yet we care about good, healthy, fresh food. Coming home to a delicious, healthy meal prepared for you is truly amazing. The meals are wonderfully varied and also customized to suit your specific needs. This is a brilliant service and very good value. I highly recommend! - Sarah, Brooklyn, NY
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"We feel great, have lost weight, and our daughter enjoys the food, too. We both work full-time and have a 15-month old at home so cooking healthy, nutritious meals during the week is not feasible for us. After many months of take-out and scrounging around the fridge to make a dinner meal, we tried Provenance meal delivery service and couldn't be happier. I don't know what we'd do without Provenance! Now our family eats healthy, low-sugar, low-fat and varied meals on weeknights. We feel great, have lost weight, and our daughter enjoys the food too. Thanks so much Caroll! - Brian & Julia, Brooklyn, NY
"Weekly meal boxes have been essential over the past year. I'm a busy professional and Caroll's weekly meal boxes have been essential over the past year. Highly recommended!
- Josh, Brooklyn, NY
"I only wish I could have all of my meals delivered care of Provenance Meals. I started to see Caroll because I had heard about the GAPS diet and that it had been found to be helpful in dealing with colitis. I did a three-month program (not always consistently) and started to see improvements in my digestive health almost immediately. I signed up for the meal delivery service which I found wonderful. The food was delicious, the ingredients were of the highest quality and, most importantly for me, she provided desserts that were gluten-free and GAPS-friendly! I had not found that anywhere. I also had the great pleasure of eating the best pea soup of my entire life. Caroll was helpful not only in re-thinking my diet (what to eat and what not to eat) but also in thinking through the overall picture - exercise, sleep, relaxation, stress. She gently but firmly pushed me to get more sleep and to find ways to give my body more time to decompress. As a workaholic, it was helpful to be reminded that eating healthy foods isn't enough. It's also about eating slowly and consciously, taking the time to let body digest, not eating late at night, etc. I only wish I could have all of my meals delivered care of Provenance Meals. - Caveh, Brooklyn, NY
"I can't believe how it changed my outlook on what I eat in such a short time. I have recently enjoyed a 3 day detox from Provenance Meals and can't believe how it changed my outlook on what I eat in such a short time. Not only was the food delicious, the portions were also not small, so I was never hungry or never felt the craving for something else. By the third day, I noticed a increase in energy, better sleeping and to my surprise no need for caffeine. I started preparing similar meals, especially the breakfast, and am looking forward to my next detox in a month. - Astrid, Brooklyn, NY
"Thank you for helping me gain my health back. I received my first order today and just wanted to thank you and the chef for the marvelous food. I had the salmon tonight and the way it was prepared with attention to many fine details are much appreciated!! There's plenty of good food to eat portion wise as well!! Thank you for helping me gain my health back with many delicious healthy options! - Robin, New York, NY
"I'm now planning to do a detox at least once every year. While I was initially a bit worried about how I'd get through the detox, I found it wasn't much trouble for me at all. I liked the meals, and had very few moments when I craved more food. What those moments revealed was how often I tend to snack and caffeinate out of boredom or depression. Two days in, I started to feel lighter and more energetic. In the end, I'd lost about five pounds, and I'd gained a new understanding of how food can influence, and be a response to, my mood. I'm now planning to do a detox at least once every year.
- Bruno, Brooklyn, NY
"Our neighborhood delivery places must be missing us. Thank you so much. We continue to enjoy our subscription and are really widening our palates and enjoying the easiest healthy food option we’ve ever heard of. Our neighborhood delivery places must really be missing us ;) - Debbie, New York, NY
"While I eat healthy year-round, the detox helps reset me. I have 'detoxed' with Provenance Meals seasonally, over this past year. While I try to eat 'healthy' year-round, the detox helps reset me. I have found renewed energy and better sleep each time I do it. Clean eating sticks with me longer each time, with my goal to committing to it ongoing. I have ordered Provenance Meals to support the detox each time. The food is delicious and filling. The program lends itself to an easy way to detox and I intend to keep with it. -Jodi, Brooklyn, NY
"The best food we have ever had in Brooklyn. My brother and his wife so enjoyed their first week of meals from you. It has been a life saver for them as they have become new parents with a 2 week old at home in Brooklyn. My brother told me, "I love these people! It is the best food we have ever had in Brooklyn. - Eiley, Charlottesville, VA