Must-Have During Your Detox - Sweat Therapy

We're self-proclaimed wellness aficionados. It's no surprise. Our founder has been on a mission to live her best wellness life since she started Provenance almost seven years ago. Her philosophy and beliefs have formed the foundation of why we do what we do and thankfully spread into the routines of our entire team.

We know nutrient-rich food is key to helping us feel, look, and perform our best. We're obsessed with clean beauty, gua sha, and acupuncture. We each have our own workout routine during the week. And one of our absolute favorite things to do is try all the self-care and cutting-edge wellness treatments. We've tried cryotherapy, halotherapy, and vitamin IVs.

We're proud to add 'sweating' to our list of go-to things for self-care. Sweat therapy is not a new treatment. We love hot yoga and infrared saunas. The sweating we are talking about involves wrapping yourself like a burrito in an infrared blanket. This is one of the most challenging and dare-we-say laziest self-care treatment we've tried to date. While you are literally just lying there watching TV, meditating, or scrolling Instagram, your body is on overdrive sweating out all the toxins.

It’s the perfect complEment to a week dedicated to self-care and detoxification.

Invisible to the human eye, infrared heats you up from the inside. The benefits of using an infrared blanket are similar (but way more space efficient!) than an infrared sauna:

  • Promotes Weight Loss

  • Supports Muscle Recovery

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Eliminates Toxins and Pollutants

  • Increases Blood Circulation

  • Reduces Stress

  • Provides Natural Pain Relief

  • Supports Immune System

Check out OUR FOUNDER’S recap of her visit TO SHAPE HOUSE - URBAN SWEAT LODGE while she was on the Provenance Detox:

Caroll Lee, Founder & CEO of Provenance

Caroll Lee, Founder & CEO of Provenance

Walking in to the Dumbo location was like stepping into a quiet zen den. I loved how soothing and calming the environment was. Before getting started, I filled out an intake form and then had a quick chat with one of the attendants who explained what I should expect during the session. I was then directed to change into a PJ set of sorts that I would wear during the sweat and was led into a curtained off room. Next I was told to hop inside the blanket which was already piping hot and they proceeded to wrap me like a burrito.

Once tucked in, I got to choose from all the on-demand channels. Zoning out to a little TV (True Blood!) was just what I needed after a full day of meetings. Luckily they also left a little hole on the side where you could easily slip a hand out to also do a little Instagramming.

It was quite the experience! For the first 20 minutes, it was warm but bearable. I drank my first bottle of water in no time. The attendants checked on me about 3 times during the whole session. By check-in two, I was visibly sweating and they brought me a second bottle of water. On check-in three, they sent me a lifeline in the form of a cooling lavender compress. The last 15 minutess were difficult.

My heart was racing by the end which was uncomfortable. I did have a headache at the end that was tough to shake for about an hour. My skin however was glowing! And I also felt much lighter and less puffy than before. I will definitely be going again whether or not I’m on the Provenance Detox.

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