We tried it: Cryotherapy

It’s been a hot summer in NYC, and we’re not even halfway through July. When temps are pushing 100°F we’re all dreaming of crawling into our freezers. But how about -240°F? Enter cryotherapy, our latest wellness obsession. (Side note: We're also obsessed with Vitamin IVs and Infrared Saunas.)

What's it all about?

Provenance Meals - Sarah trying Cryotherapy at Cryofuel - 2.jpg

Whole body cryotherapy involves stepping into a chamber where cryogenically cooled air drops the temperature to -230°F to -250°F for just a few minutes. This makes the body send blood to vital organs and constricts blood vessels. As you exit the cryotherapy chamber 3 minutes later, that oxygenated blood is pumped back throughout the body, reducing inflammation, improving muscle tissue recovery, and boosting your immune system.

Proponents of cryotherapy claim that it can:

  • Raise your metabolic rate
  • Improve circulation
  • Ease arthritis and chronic back pain
  • Reverse skin aging
  • Boost collagen production (We ♥ collagen!)
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Reduce insomnia and chronic fatigue
  • Increase energy levels

To check it out, we sent over our head of wellness and client services, Sarah Hebbel-Stone, to try it first hand at our partner and go-to location in NYC, Cryofuel, for infrared sauna and cryotherapy,

Provenance Meals - Sarah trying Cryotherapy at Cryofuel - 2.jpg

As someone who hates being cold, I was a little nervous. Donning just socks, special booties, gloves, and my underwear, I stepped into the cryotherapy chamber. The attendant let me choose some upbeat music and dancing helped me feel like I wasn’t literally freezing. And honestly - it didn’t feel like -240°F. Sure, it was cold, but I knew I could do anything for 3 minutes. The time flew by chatting with the attendant, and once it was over I put my robe back on and stepped out of the chamber. My legs were the coldest, but they quickly warmed up, and I went back out into the heat feeling great. I felt refreshed and recharged from the increased endorphins and adrenaline, and my chronic back pain seemed to feel better. They recommend doing 3 to 4 treatments a week to maximize the benefits, and I look forward to going back to try another session.

We highly recommend trying it for yourself and seeing if it's the right addition to your wellness routine. 

For Provenance Members, we're excited to announce that we've secured 3 Cryotherapy Session at Cryofuel as a perk this summer for you to try it yourself! In addition to saving 10% on every order and adding complimentary protein to salads, perks are our way of rewarding our members for eating clean every week and making their wellness a priority. Learn more about becoming a member >>