Client Spotlight - Marie Espinel

For NYC publicist, mom of two under the age of 6, and long-time Provenance client, Marie Espinel knows how important self-care is to maintaining her health. Check out a sneak peek into this Upper East Side Mom's busy routine including how she manages her health through nutrition, her must-haves for stress relief, and how she maintains balance throughout the day.

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How important a role does nutrition play in your life?

Nutrition plays a very important part in my life. Mentally and physically I feel better when I eat nutritiously.

One critical aspect of maintaining nutrition in my diet relates to managing Type 1 diabetes. Part of controlling my blood sugars depends on the amount of carbohydrates I consume, so having the right balance (and low number) of carbs — along with protein, good fats and vegetables — is very important.

With small children, much of our household’s meal planning and preparation goes towards their food, so having the convenience of meal delivery from Provenance is tremendously helpful for me.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in eating clean?

Planning and preparation. With family, work, and social engagements, not to mention my own personal health and wellness routine, thinking ahead to plan my meals for the week is key to prioritizing my health.

Why do you choose to eat regularly with Provenance?

I tried a handful of meal preparation services over the years. Provenance was the freshest and most satisfying. I really find they have the best ingredients and are consistently delicious. I also love that I get to choose which meals I want on which days.

Which are your favorite meals?

I love all the frittatas for breakfast. Starting my day off with protein, always makes me feel great. I also really love the Sacha Inchi Protein Cookies. And the Chimichurri Steak is so good!

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How do you fit in moments of self-care in a busy day?

Bit by bit. If I don't have time for a full gym workout, I'll walk to work. Sometimes I even fit in a Higher Dose session at lunch or do 20 minutes of yoga at home in the evening. Every day I remember to do something for myself and over time it makes a big impact.

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What is your go-to for stress relief?

The 1-min Breathe app on my Apple Watch. It is the simplest way I've found to meditate on the regular. Just one minute of breathing excersises really helps calm my nerves, find balance, and recenter myself.

What are three must-have things each week in your wellness routine?

What's your favorite time of the day and why?

Good question! I think it's a toss up between coming home to my kids after work and my own bedtime.