Our Commitment to the Environment: Why We Compost

Our commitment to the environment reaches far and wide. We believe we have a responsibility to use our buying power to help support local communities all while providing ample nutrients to our bodies. We are also committed to using packaging that is either compostable, recyclable, or reusable. In our kitchens, we source the highest quality sustainably grown foods available. However, it doesn’t end there…

Food waste is the reality of food production, and unfortunately it can get overlooked. As a business serving clients at the intersection of food and wellness, we play a vital role in helping reduce the amount of waste that ends up at the landfill. We make a conscious effort every day to recycle food scraps in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Every leaf, stem, and core that is removed from the fruits and vegetables we use to prepare our meals gets sorted into a compost bin in our Brooklyn based kitchen. The organic scraps then get picked up and hauled off to a nearby compost facility to be turned into nutrient dense soil. This third stream of recycling allows us to uphold our responsibility to mother earth.

The 100% compostable trash liners we use are provided by our friends at Commit to Green, a certified female enterprise based in NYC. Their bags are made from plant and corn starch, when placed in the right compost environment (along with our food scraps), they biodegrade in 180 days and turn into nutritious soil. This is one of the seemingly small, yet vital steps in helping reduce our carbon footprint and minimizing the access waste compounded by using single use plastic bags.

Have you ever thought about composting?

Composting Trash Liners - 3 Gallon.jpg

Composting at home can be simple and rewarding and there are plenty of available resources online to help you get started. One of the easiest ways is by saving your food scraps in a sealed container in your refrigerator or freezer. There are plenty of beautiful and sustainably made compost containers sold online and in garden supply stores that are designed to match your kitchen. To keep your containers clean and make it easy for you to compost, we now have home-sized 3-gallon compost bags from Commit to Green available as an add-on during checkout. Compost bags aren't always easy to find at the local corner store, but just add the bags on to your order and we will deliver them along with your meals.

Place the full bag of compost in the NYC organics collection bin (brown bin) if your neighborhood is already participating or find a drop off location near you.

I started recycling my food scraps four years ago and I believed so much in the benefits of organics recycling, I started my company, Commit to Green™. It was founded on the belief that smart designs that are effectively applied to the right medium can raise environmental awareness in our communities. I’m convinced that true sustainable development is above all a grassroots effort driven by personal commitment, education, and the right tools, the likes of which are found in our products.
— Shein-Ru Tsao, Founder at Commit To Green

When we support our bodies with fresh, whole foods, we also need to understand the inevitability of strawberry leaves, cauliflower stems, spoiled leftovers, and more. Food and yard waste make up 20-30% of our waste, which means we each have the potential to decrease our waste by up to 30% (EPA). When we do this, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by keeping food from piling up in the landfills. We see it as a moral responsibility to give back to the land because of the bounty that the Earth gives us, ending up on our (compostable) plates. Composting, dirt, and food scraps might not be the sexiest topics, but they’re paramount to what we believe is an achievable sustainable future.