Featured by CAP Beauty - Recipe for Black Magic Matcha Bowl

CAP Beauty is our go-to location for natural beauty products and advice. This spring our chefs were excited to collaborate with CAP Beauty and debuted two breakfasts - our Matcha Chia Pudding (available for delivery the week of May 14) and Yuzu Poppy Seed Poundcake (available for delivery the week of June 4). Both dishes feature CAP Beauty's Organic and Ceremonial Grade Matcha from Shizuoka, Japan. 

Matcha is one of our favorite superfoods. It has over 100 times more antioxidants than green tea to help prevent cell damage and lower your risk of chronic disease. It also helps reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and boost metabolism.

Featured by CAP Beauty - Black Magic Matcha Bowl.png

But we couldn't just stop there. Clients love our Matcha Chia Pudding dish so much we shared an 'easy to make version' of our clean eats recipe exclusively with CAP Beauty on The Thinking Cap. 

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With only seven ingredients, this recipe will quickly become a staple in your repertoire.

No time or interest in making it yourself? It's available for delivery next week

(Photo by John Von Pamer)