Ultimate Wellness Week in New York City for Your Wedding

Let’s face it. The last week leading up to your big day can be stressful. Instead of blowing off steam with a weekend full of debauchery in Vegas, why not coordinate a staycation-style week full of wellness for your bridal party. Relax, reset, and focus on restoring health and wellness for the whole crew not only physically but mentally as well.

The purpose of a bridal shower, bachelor/ette or other events the week of the wedding is “for everyone to get to know each other better, bond, take the time to celebrate their close friend,” said Viva Max Kaley, NY-based wedding planner and creator of Viva Max Weddings. “Not to mention a healthy marriage requires you to be healthy and strong” and what better way to enter into your new life than feeling full of healthy and clean energy.

Our tips for the Ultimate Wellness Week in New York City are not only perfect for your wedding party but for any group of friends that wants to spend time together without having to take a chunk of time off work or break the bank on a flight. 

First off, arrange for everyone in your group to eat clean all week long with an organic meal plan or 5-Day Detox delivered to their home or office. Or go BIG with a 3 Week Commit to Clean Challenge! As the saying goes… friends that eat clean together, feel and look great together! Making sure everyone has food to nourish their body and soul during this week is key.  

Next, coordinate your wellness week to start off with early evening activities. Great for those groups that have to maintain a presence at work from 9-5pm yet still want to do something special for the bride or groom-to-be the week leading up to the big day. And don’t forget to chat about combining bridal parties at some of the activities! That way everyone can meet and greet before the ceremony and get to know each other.

Then a day or two before the wedding, plan full-day activities to get everyone in the same headspace and dedicate the time to support the bride or groom. 

Below are some of our favorite ideas for wellness week activities that work well as stand-alone ideas for the early evenings or can be combined to create a full day event:

1. Take a Group Fitness - Kick stress straight to the curb with a group fitness class. We recommend you throw a few punches at the new Rumble Boxing, turn up the beat at the new Cyc studios across the city, or get your sexy back after a S-Factor class.

2. Volunteer Together - Check out New York Cares for some giving-back opportunities that will make you feel-good from the inside out. Whether its volunteering at a soup kitchen or walking dogs from the local shelter, volunteering is such a great activity for a group of friends to do together and help set the tone of ‘community’ for the wedding.

3. Zen Out with Guided Meditation - Empower your minds together in a class at the MNDFL centers around NYC. With different themes to every class, MNDFL has created a space of peace in our busy city to help you focus on the present and accept your thoughts. It is a wonderful and cost-friendly experience for you before your wedding. 

Flower Crown Cart Service by  Denise Fasanello Flowers . Photo Credit:  Jules Slutsky

Flower Crown Cart Service by Denise Fasanello Flowers. Photo Credit: Jules Slutsky

4. Host a Movie Night - The city has some amazing theater and private screening spaces - Tribeca Screening Room, The Wythe Hotel, Syndicated - that you can rent out for an event. And who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned sleepover-style moviethon! Watch your favorite romance and comedy (We recommend The Notebook or The Sweetest Thing!) on the big screen, add in some bottles of wine and organic popcorn, and make sure to stop for gab sessions along the way.

5. Get Crafty - Plan a DIY session for the group to make something for the reception or ceremony. Or better yet make flower crowns! Our favorite floral designer in the city, Denise Fasanello Flowers, can host a flower crown making session for you. Her team will bring a beautiful cart loaded with unique flowers and instruct everyone on best practices for the crowns. This would be an awesome activity for closer to the big day so that everyone can wear their crowns when they are getting ready the day of the ceremony.

Throw in some classic spa sessions (Nails at TenOverTen, Facials or Makeup Consultations at Shen Beauty, and Massages at The Red Door) with the ideas above and you will be restored, rejuvenated, and more than ready for the big day!