Spring Cleaning your Body + Supertonics: Interview with herbalist Olivia Clementine

We're officially in the swing of spring and before we know it temperatures will be up, everything will be in bloom, and we'll be counting down for the unofficial start of summer aka Memorial Day Weekend. As we get ready for our healthiest, prettiest spring with a Whole Food Cleanse, we had the opportunity to speak with our favorite herbalist, Olivia Clementine, and discuss in more detail her speciality of supertonics.

We’re so thankful to have you share insights with us. To get started, can you tell us why doing a "Spring Cleaning" for the body is important?

We are a part of the cyclical nature of life and it is natural as spring arrives to take stock of our well-being and to reflect on how we want to feel.  A cleanse gives our body time to pause from digesting such heavy and potentially toxic food, it gives us an extra boost supporting our systems that are heavily taxed on a daily basis.  Our digestive system is at the heart of many well being obstacles, including our emotional state. A balanced and nourishing cleanse can help the body improve circulation, immunity, digestion, nutrient absorption and can also help us maintain a healthy weight.  

We’ve all heard of superfoods but what is a supertonic?

I am not sure if there is a definition for this term.  But I started using it because it was the perfect representation of herbs that have superfood qualities. Supertonics are herbs that are often mineral and nutrient rich that help amplify our health to meet the intensity and toxicity of the modern world.  They are herbs that we can often take as a food, or as a tonic meaning that they are for our everyday use.  

How often should we try to incorporate them in our food choices?

Everyone is different. Some herbs will support your particular system very well over the long term and others can be taken when your body is needing a specific vitality boost! I like to take them morning and evening.  In the morning in water and in the evening as a dessert replacement in a frothy nut milk.  

As we head into the middle of Spring, what are the five best herbs for the season?

Dandelion leaf and/or root, Burdock root, Red Clover, Nettle, and Ginger root. I chose a few of these for the special Herbal Detox Tea-Tonic that I blended exclusively for Provenance Meals in their Whole Food Cleanse.

Ginger helps support circulation and digestion. It is also known to support cognitive function and certain types of musculoskeletal pain. Dandelion leaf makes a very bitter tonic but it is so good for you! It helps promote nutrient absorption and bile secretion. Nettle is great for your nails and hair. It’s also a fantastic kidney and blood tonic. Orange Peel promotes gastric HCL to increase absorption and digestion. Lemonbalm helps to uplift the spirit and reduce anxiety which is great for this time of the year as we begin to feel pressure of upcoming vacations, work projects, etc.

Besides helping you to stay healthy in general, ARE there specific occasions WHEN superfoods or supertonics are more important? 

Supertonic herbs are certainly helpful to boost your system when it is taxed.  When you are in the midst of illness or during recovery. When you are pregnant and certainly after pregnancy is an important time to support your system.  You can also turn to herbs and other superfoods to help when you are feeling emotionally drained. Often nourishing our physical state can be supportive of emotionally stagnant or charged periods of time.


Thank you, Olivia, for sharing your wisdom. As we and our customers have experienced first hand, there is life-transforming magic in the power of plants! You can find superfoods and Olivia's beautiful tea-tonics in our new Whole Food Cleanse, the perfect way to spring clean your body with plants and herbs.

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Olivia Clementine is an herbal alchemist, a mystic farmer & practicing buddhist. Devoted to the earth and the heart as our healers, Olivia offers Individual Wellbeing Alchemy & Relational Sessions. Olivia is focused on supporting a path of harmony through our relationship with our natural world, our inner life and with each other. When Olivia is not growing and gathering plant medicine, she works with individuals and groups. She supports people in understanding their minds and hearts through meditation, and relational work. Her love of Mother Earth is the foundation of her work. This is where we are from and where we will return. She serves the community through handmade herbal blends, consultations, workshops and retreats. Olivia’s work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Edible Hudson Valley, Shambala Times, The Local Rose, Annapurna Living, Free and Native and Live the Process.

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