Fitness Expert, Christina Jensen, Shares Her 5 Favorite Training Moves

We checked in with our Wellness Partner and Fitness Expert, Christina Jensen, to get her top moves that are essential to her workout routines.  Check them out and see insights from her one each:

This booty busting move is a fundamental in most fitness classes and regimes. There are endless variations, styles, and exercise tools you can use to make your squat harder or easier. 

This core stabilizing wonder never gets old! No matter how many planks I do, they are always hard. Maintaining good form and posture is essential, and the countless variations help make this exercise staple fun to use. Not to mention, who doesn’t want an eight pack  :-)

No matter what, we can never do enough pushups! This is a power packed move that engages no only the muscles in your chest, arms, and abs, its a great move to help stabilize shoulders, wrists, elbows, and hands. Another staple for sure! 

This move is great to strengthen the backs of legs. Women always worry about the back of our legs and how they look. Functionally, this is a great move to stabilized the lower body extremities. 

In my opinion, one of the hardest moves you can do with a kettlebell. The swing is designed to fire the abs and glutes by using power, timing, and speed. Timing is key with this advanced move, and you can have lots of fun with this move depending on the variation, weight, or workout you use it with.

About Christina Jensen
NYC based NASM Certified trainer and instructor Christina Jensen has worked in the pro fitness and dance worlds for over 20 years. A Wilhelmina fitness model, Reebok One Athlete, and former Radio City Rockettes Dancer and Signer the importance of exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. You can take classes with Christina at Solace NYC, Physique 57, and Shadow Box.