SELF-CARE + FITNESS: Time to get active

February is in full swing and we have SELF-CARE at the top of our to-do list all month long. Last week was all about starting to eat better and choosing nutritious foods. Designed to keep our body nourished and full of energy, eating clean is a must if you want to love yourself and take serious care of your health.

This week we have FITNESS on deck and thought it would be fun to hear from some experts on self-care and what part fitness plays in their routine. Check out our interview below with fitness experts: Laurel Crosby, S-Factor Teacher, and Christina Jensen, NASM Certified Trainer.

What does self-care mean to you?

Christina: Self-care to me means, time to take care of me. With such a busy life-style it is normal and easy for me to forget about making my own health a priority. If I am not living a healthy and active lifestyle, then I would be a poor example for my I clients. Self-care is not selfish, self-care is self-love. The more we love and take care of the number one, us, the more time and energy we will have to be the best versions of ourselves for our work and lives. 

Laurel:  Self-care means cultivating my body’s health, wellness, and wholeness! As a woman, I have to consciously and constantly focus my ability to care for others inward and on myself. This means taking time to listen to what my body wants to eat (lots of colorful vegetables!), drink (lots of cleaning water!), how my body wants to move and when my body needs to rest and recharge.

Do you have any weekly self-care routines?

Laurel: S Factor! I try to take class once a week in addition to teaching so I can refuel my fire and refill my cup through a beautiful, feminine movement practice. This is the foundation that allows me to feel alive in my body so I can better be attuned to and aware of my needs. My body loves to stretch and move so I will also take yoga or go hiking  as often as I can. I work with a massage therapist on a regular basis to help me release body blocks and help me find deeper breath. At home, I try to do a home facial or take a healing salt bath at least once a week, and use a eucalyptus mist spray in my shower every morning!

Christina: I do have a weekly self-care routine, and its more like a daily self-care routine. I start and end every day with “The 5 Minute Journal.” You take 5 minutes to write goals, affirmations, and things you are thankful for that have happened throughout your day. Positivity is key, and starting the day with reminding yourself how important you are in this world. will change your life for the better. I have a goal of reading one book a week, which so far I have definitely been able to do! Right now I am reading The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, perfect for February. I do make sure that I have one workout a week for me. Being that I teach and am working out for a living, I don’t always get the time to train for myself. This new year, I've set a new goal and make sure I try taking class once a week. Right now, I am really into Shadow Box. Great fitness boxing, with amazing coaches and trainers. Outside of that, I take time everyday with my dog Missy. The best example of unconditional love, and I pride myself in face masks. What better way to end the week than with a movie or a book, a face mask, and some vino. 

What is your number one tip for others when it comes to incorporating more fitness into their schedule?

Christina: My number one tip for people to successfully incorporate fitness into their routines would be to not schedule it into your daily routine, but do what you love to do and what makes you happy! Moving is what our bodies are meant to do. Finding the right classes and/or trainer or even apps, I have one available called Fitner in the app store, is key to creating routine. Have fun with working out, or you’ll lose the motivation to go.

Laurel: For me, it’s about seeing self-care as practice instead of a burden. In the same way I have to practice a new language to retain it, I have to practice body care to maintain a cared-for body. This starts by looking at my schedule for the upcoming week and scheduling the ME time (movement classes, hiking trips, massages, farmers market trips) before anything else. For women in particular, it can be going against the grain to value your body’s needs first – or rather, against how many of us have been conditioned. But a happy body can mean a stronger, more energetic, happier, healthier life! Once I starting seeing self care and fitness as a regular practice, it made booking those extra classes and scheduling time for those hikes a necessity instead of a hassle.

You heard it! Fitness is a must for self-care. So what now? Time to get active. Check out Cristina’s favorite moves that are essential to her workout routines and our friends over at S Factor are offering us a free intro class (2 hours) with promo code: Provenance. YES! This one is for ladies only. Go online to book

What part does fitness play in YOUR self-care routine? We want to hear from you! Share with us on Twitter @ProvenanceMeals

About Christina Jensen
NYC based NASM Certified trainer and instructor Christina Jensen has worked in the pro fitness and dance worlds for over 20 years. A Wilhelmina fitness model, Reebok One Athlete, and former Radio City Rockettes Dancer and Signer the importance of exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. You can take classes with Christina at Solace NYC, Physique 57, and Shadow Box. 

About S Factor
S Factor® is a sensual movement practice that strengthens and elongates through a practice specifically designed for the feminine body. Our work creates lean curves - building muscle and strength where the body asks for them - while acknowledging the unique rounded sculpture that women naturally embody. S Factor is physical, but it is also spiritual and emotional. This is a journey through your body that arrives at your soul - and never looks back.