Featured by The Fashion Spot - Raspberry Rose Chia Fresca

Sometimes the best skin care doesn't come from a bottle or tube, instead it can come straight from the food we eat. What you eat is absolutely reflected through your skin. Luckily, your kitchen can be the best place to create DIY skin care rituals at home. Our founder & CEO, Caroll Lee, shared an easy to make Raspberry Rose Chia Fresca recipe on the Fashion Spot's 35 Skin-Loving Smoothies and Masks You Can Make With a Blender.

Raspberries, coconut water, chia seeds, and rose water all work to keep your skin hydrated and reduce inflammation. Caroll mentions "They're packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which combat free radicals and can lighten age spots and tighten pores. Plus, they taste great in this refreshing drink!" 


Don't have time or interest in blending up your own? This summer we're featuring two chia frescas - Watermelon and Cucumber - on our clean eats menu as light and refreshing snack options available for delivery.