Top 5 Fitness Apps for the Busy Professional

Your health and wellness must be a priority this year. You’ve taken the first steps already by getting setup with our Organic Meal Delivery or Cleanse Program. The second step is to start incorporating more ways to stay active. And we totally get it. When are you supposed to have time to meet your trainer, go to Soul Cycle, or zen out in a yoga class? In this day of technology, no time is no longer an excuse.

A quick workout of 20-30 minutes (even just three times a week!) is all you need to get your body moving and grooving - especially if you are doing some high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Check out these Top 5 Fitness Apps you can access on your mobile or tablet device:

Want to do the routines of your favorite trainer or fitness expert? On Fitner, each expert has their own channel where you can see their latest routine or workout they’ve uploaded in real-time. Check out our favorite channel of trainer and Wellness Partner, Christina Jensen! With approachable routines and an inspirational attitude, her workouts are so fun to follow along with.

This app is awesome if you want to customize your workout and pick out the exercises into a playlist of sorts. With endless combinations, your workout routine has non-stop options.

For those that like to run or want to run more, this is a great app. It has different levels of programs and keeps you on a schedule to get in the groove. We love the on-off run/walk/sprint style that pushes you, yet makes it not-too-hard to complete. If you buy the app, you also get to sync music and use different playlists to keep up the pace of your running routine.

This is a great app for those that want more yoga in their life. You can choose workouts to target specific areas or commit to a program covering anywhere from one week to one month. The community aspect is also a great feature allowing inspiration and encouragement from others on the yoga and wellness journey.

Although not “technically” an app, Fitness Blender is a staff favorite here at Provenance Meals. All of their workouts are free and most have no requirements for any type of equipment. Our recommendation for getting started is to check out their “workouts for busy people”. No repeating exercises, makes it fun to get through since you never know what is right around the corner.

Whether it’s first thing in the AM, once you drop the kids at school, or after work at night, these apps will help you fit in the training your body craves now that you are starting to fuel it with our clean, and nutrient-rich meals.