Five Signs You Need A Detox

1. You don't feel well
Remember how much energy you used to have? If you're waking up feeling sluggish and fatigued, this is a sign that your body needs a detox. Doing a quick cleanse will help you get some of that energy back. Don't accept sluggishness as your new norm.

2. You have digestive issues
If your gut is telling you that something's not right, please don't ignore it! Simply removing gluten and dairy from your diet and adding probiotics can work wonders on the body's digestive powers. Give your gut a break from hard-to-digest foods for a few days and see what results!

3. You have allergies
Suffering from seasonal allergies? Removing potential allergens in your diet (especially dairy) will go a long way towards relieving symptoms.

4. You have a few extra stubborn pounds that won't come off
We've been told that eating less and exercising more is the simple solution to losing weight, but that one-two punch doesn't work for everyone, especially when it comes to belly fat. Sugar and flour calories are different, and a short detox can kickstart the metabolism and weight loss in ways that exercise simply can't.

5. You have never detoxed
If you've never done a detox plan, you may be surprised at what a week of eating only clean, whole foods will do to your mental and physical health.

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