Why We Cook & Eat With The Seasons

Our menus are inspired by what we're seeing at the Farmer's Markets every week. There's nothing like overflowing pints of ruby red strawberries or 7 different varieties of greens to get our chef minds going!

Now that we're in the heart of summer, the markets are bursting with gorgeous produce. Red cabbage, beets, watermelon and corn are some of the beauties that make up our weekly rainbow of veggies.

Shopping at farmer's markets is not only inspiring and supports our regional economy. It's also the best way to eat for your health.  When you eat with the seasons, you're giving your body precisely what it needs at that time of year. In summer, we need more cooling foods and foods that give us extra energy for the longer days. Watermelon and cucumber hydrate us and help keep us cool in the heat. Ample fruits and vegetables provide us with healthy carbohydrates for energy. Plus, more vegetables on your plate leaves room for a little less meat, and considering the average portion size of the average American's meals, that may not be a bad thing!

Whether or not you're making it to your local market on the weekends, you can rest assured that you're eating the best of the season when you're dining with Provenance Meals.  We hope you can taste our inspiration!