Catering & Corporate Accounts

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The same unique recipes, high-quality ingredients, and delicious tastes of our Meal Delivery Program and Menu are now available with drop-off catering. Let us provide nourishing clean eats for get-togethers with friends, events, meetings, and more. 

I cannot underscore the importance of providing high quality, nutritious and delicious food for employees. Nutrient-dense food feeds our brain, energizes and supports our body, boosts our immune system, and balances our emotions. Provenance Meals is my go-to for corporate clients seeking delicious, nourishing, and beautifully presented meals. The wow-factor of taste and presentation alone create a buzz and connection in the company’s culture. And the best part? Everyone feels great!
- Lisa Roberts Hurd, M.Phil., CHHC, AADP, Founder of FOOD. BODY. SOUL.

Office Stocking & STANDING ORDERS

Cultivate a health-conscious and supportive environment for your organization's most vital resource - its people. Nourish and inspire your team to increase energy and support their health with organic, nutrient-rich meals and snacks stocked in your office kitchen or set up a standing dinner order for meals when your employees work late.

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Become a Corporate Partner

Receive a unique promo code for your employees to get 10% off their individual orders (great perk for your benefits program!), complimentary gift cards for raffles, event swag bags, silent auctions, and more.

What makes Provenance Meals different?


In our meal plans, YOU choose which meals you'd like from our weekly menu. It changes every week and features the best seasonal, nutrient-dense ingredients.


In the Provenance Meals world, we can all get along and eat good food together. There is no one perfect diet for everyone and not to mention all the different preferences, appetites, and tastes. 


We use nutrient-dense and local ingredients to nourish your body while doing no harm to the earth. We use compostable and recyclable containers, compost all our food waste, donate extra meals, and deliver in reusable totes.