Featured By Us Weekly - Shocking Effects On My Skin

We know that eating a clean diet free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars makes us feel good overall, but the added benefit of eating clean can be seen through immediate benefits to our body. Last week we were featured in US WEEKLY, where Roxanne Adamiyatt saw those benefits when she committed to eating clean with us for just four days. 

“The whole experience felt luxurious. Sure, the added benefit of a slightly slimmer body was great. But, what the four days really made clear to me, was the effect soy actually has on my skin. The entire week, my skin was clear and redness-free.”
— Roxanne Adamiyatt, Us Weekly

Our individually portioned meals are designed to provide easy, convenient and nutrient-dense meals. As Roxanne mentions, with your meals taken care of there is more mental clarity to focus on all the other things that happen in our day to day life. As a result, she found that eliminating things like soy made her skin clear and ruled it as a potential agitator in her diet moving forward. These are the kinds of results we want our clients to see when they make the commitment to eating clean. Check out how you can create a wellness routine and the benefits that come with it.