Featured by Beyond Mom - Beyond Mom Interviews Caroll Lee

The conversation around motherhood is evolving into a more open dialogue - talking honestly about the challenges and celebrating the successes. Beyond Mom extends that conversation by sharing expert advice that is empowering moms and "redefining after baby." Founded by Randi Zinn from her desire to connect with forward-thinking moms, the Beyond Mom online community offers lifestyle tips, wellness advice, podcasts, and video conversations.

We were honored to be featured among an inspiring community of women in the Beyond Mom Interviews highlighting our CEO and founder, Caroll Lee. This series focuses on entrepreneurs, wellness leaders, and creatives who exhibit leadership in motherhood and beyond. Caroll talks about her own experience with motherhood, and how she balances it along with self-care, family life, and being an entrepreneur.

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Part of the Beyond Mom mission is to bring moms together in person. We’re excited to be a part of the next event, the Beyond Mom Urban Retreat on June 3rd. Registration is still open to join for a complete wellness experience centered around self-care, healing, and introspection.