Featured in Coveteur - 30 Day #GoopLife Challenge

We’re no stranger to the busy and sometimes hectic lifestyle that New York City brings. That doesn’t mean your health and wellness should be compromised. Our mission is to help New Yorkers make their wellness a priority. We were excited when editor Hannah Baxter contacted us about a story to try out “Goop Approved” products and living the #gooplife.

For 30 days Hannah challenged herself to live like wellness leader Gwyneth Paltrow with Goop approved beauty products, workouts, recipes, and more. She turned to us for meal delivery one week to avoid cooking but still keep her diet gluten-free, dairy-free, with no refined sugar.

“And because my life is incredibly busy, like every other New Yorker, I would also try out a Goop-approved meal delivery service, called Provenance Meals, to keep my diet as healthy as possible. The week when Provenance Meals delivered delicious breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner was a true lifesaver. I could get used to that simple luxury for sure.”

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