How to Detox Your Makeup Bag

Our team is currently obsessing over clean beauty and non-stop heading to events and trying products from our favorite brands and stores - Beautycounter, CAP Beauty, True Moringa, Maya Chia, Red Flower, Vapour, Juice Beauty, Annmarie Gianni Skincare, RMS Beauty, Tata Harper, Josh Rosebrook, Laurel, Flynn & King, and more. This New Year we've resolved to clean up and detox different aspects of our daily routine. We're pros at eating clean with our organic prepared meal delivery and doing a Seasonal or New Year cleanse program with our Provenance Detox featuring Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman. When it comes to cosmetics and skincare though, we wanted to turn to an expert. So we checked in with a good friend, Rosa Neff, who is an Esthetician, Holistic Health Coach, and Educator for Beautycounter to share more details...

There is a lot of buzz about “clean cosmetics”. What we put on our skin matters. Skin is our largest organ and nearly everything we put on it enters our bloodstream, which in turn directly impacts our overall health.

The personal care industry (think skin care, makeup, deodorant, hair products, everything in your shower) is virtually unregulated. Companies are not required to disclose ingredients let alone prove they are safe. Bonkers, right!? We are slathering ourselves and our family with toxic and dangerous chemicals every single day.

In order to detox your makeup bag,  you need to understand what and how to shop.  Get ready to become an educated and savvy consumer. Rosa breaks it all down here so when you decide to detox your makeup bag you will know what harmful ingredients to avoid and how to detect them, even if they aren’t labeled.


Every ten years the average woman ingests 7 pounds of lipstick. Most lipsticks contain heavy metals like lead, nickel and chromium - none of which need to be disclosed on labels because they're not "intentional ingredients”.

On labels look for... Petroleum/Petrolatum -  It poses a high risk of contamination from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), cancer-causing chemicals found in crude oil and its by-products


When a woman finds a foundation she loves, it’s forever…. until it’s time for a break-up. Do you know if your foundation or BB Cream is disturbing your reproductive organs, adrenal glands and nervous system? Is it time to swap for something safer? 

On labels, look for... Parabens - (methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl- and others) which are endocrine hormone disruptors,  altering important hormone mechanisms in our bodies. Oxybenzone b An active sunscreen ingredient linked to skin irritation, sensitization and allergies, and possible hormone disruption. Fragrance/Parfum - One of the most common and deceptive ingredients- Fragrance is an umbrella term for many, many combinations of toxic chemicals. It is best to avoid products that contain “fragrance” all together. Stick with essential oil or plant oils to give your product a yummy scent. Retinyl palmitate and Retinol (Vitamin A) are nutrients that may damage DNA and speed the growth of skin tumors when used topically especially during the day.


Mascara is one of the “dirtiest” products in your makeup bag!

On labels, look for... Parabens, PEG/PPG Compounds, Pthalates, Carbon Black - All are ingredients linked to cancer and organ toxicity. Ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA) - Already banned in the European Union due to their link to cancer and organ toxicity. Butylated-compounds (BHA and BHT) - Preservatives (also common in foods, yuck!) known to be a human carcinogens and cause organ damage with long term use.

The EU bans or restricts 1400 ingredients, Canada bans or restricts 600 ingredients and the US bans or restricts a mere 30 ingredients in the personal care industry. To say we are behind the times is an understatement. The United States has not passed a major federal law regulating the personal care industry since 1938. Heath issues are on the rise. Autoimmune disease, infertility, hormone disorders, cancer, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities are more common than ever. It’s time we take our health into our own hands and do what we can to limit our toxic exposure. What we put on and in our body is the first step and a few small swaps can have a big impact on your health.

To learn more, check out this YouTube video by Good Morning America - What’s Really in Your Makeup?

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By Rosa Neff - Esthetician, Holistic Health Coach, and Educator for Beautycounter

Rosa Neff established her practice as a licensed master Esthetician in Boston, MA and has been working in the skin care industry since 2007. She expanded her studies in 2012 at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NY), where she completed her certification and became a Holistic Health Coach. After having her son in 2016 Rosa joined Beautycounter as an educator and consultant -  allowing her the flexibility to work from home. Rosa’s passion is to guide her clients towards optimal health and beauty through education and safer alternatives. 

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