Get Ready for Summer - Special 4-Week Combo Cleanse Program

There are only four weeks left till Memorial Day Weekend aka the un-official start of the summer. We've combined two of our most popular cleanse programs – perfect for slimming down and getting in shape for the first beach weekend of the season!

5 Day Detox + 3 Week Commit to Clean = 4 Weeks of Food and Nutritional Guidance to get you "Ready for Summer"

How it Works This week place your order for the 5-Day Detox to start on 5/1/17. Then next week place your order for the 3 Week Commit to Clean program to start on 5/8/17. 


•  Best program for weight loss
•  Includes targeted shakes, supplements, and herbal tea for detoxification
•  Features all Plant-Based meals
•  Includes a guide and daily email support

Jumpstart the next four weeks to get ready for the summer with our 5-Day Detox featuring Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman. This is our most popular cleanse and designed to provide everything you need to restore balance and reset your body. The program will help eliminate common allergens and inflammatory foods, while delivering essential nutrients that support detoxification and healthy digestion. 

Before you start your detox, our team of certified health counselors and wellness experts will contact you with your Provenance Meals Detox Guide that includes all the information you need to get ready for your detox. During your detox, we will continue to be there every step of the way and check in with Daily Emails of instructions and ways to maximize the benefits of your cleanse. 


•  Feel the benefits of eating clean long-term
•  Features Omnivore (fish & poultry) and Plant-Based meals
•  Includes guide and 20 min health coaching session

Then during weeks two - four, it's all about staying focused and fueling your body with clean, nutrient rich foods. Our 3 Week Commit to Clean program will help you not only build on the success of week one but help you develop a new, healthier eating routine that you can carry on throughout the summer. If you are ready to make the decision to eat clean, the time to start is now and we will be there every step of the way. 

Remember it's not about dieting or skipping meals, instead our clean eating programs will help you step up your wellness routine and create habits to nourish your body.