Top Six Benefits Of A Clean Eating Detox Program

You may not realize it, but the food you eat each day offers the opportunity to either increase your health and well-being, or to add to your toxic load. When you follow a clean diet and give your body the vital nutrients it needs to function at its best, the results can be nothing short of amazing. Here are just some of the main benefits you could realize from going on a detox of processed foods and refined sugars:

  1. Promotes weight loss
  2. Feel less bloated and puffy
  3. Clearer, healthier looking skin
  4. Increased energy and mental focus
  5. Fewer aches and pains, more restful sleep
  6. Detect any hidden food sensitivities

We believe cleansing the body is NOT about starving yourself or skipping meals with family and friends. Instead, our focus is on an elimination diet that rids the body of common allergens and inflammatory foods. In our 5-Day Detox featuring Be Well Shakes and Supplements we include chef prepared plant-based meals that are designed to nourish your body with rich in nutrients and taste. The Be Well shakes are full of vitamins and minerals that support liver function (the body’s main detoxification organ) and supplements that get rid of bad bacteria in the gut and promote healthy digestion.

A detox is great way to kickstart a new clean eating routine no matter what stage you are at in your wellness journey. Stick to whole foods, cut out the added sugar and you’ll be amazed by how good you will start to feel.