Korean Kimchi & More

Next week we're celebrating the flavors of Korea! Both Caroll and Chef Sung are Korean American, and like to infuse a little Korean influence into many of our dishes. Be sure to try the Soup of the Week - Korean Hobak Juk. A satisfying cross between a soup and a porridge, it uses sweet squash to create a rich creamy texture that will help get you through these last days of winter. It even makes a great breakfast!

Have you tried our Korean Chili Sauce yet? Smother your Vitality Bowl white beans and buckwheat with this savory sauce. Mixed with marinated watercress and a carrot hijiki salad, it will be sure to please.

And don't forget our Housemade Kimchi! It's the most delicious way we know to get your probiotics. Kimchi is naturally fermented Napa cabbage, combined with green onions and Korean red chili powder. This condiment adds the perfect amount of sourness and heat to just about any meal - includingHobak Juk or a Vitality Bowl. The fermentation process creates literally billions of beneficial bacteria, which help populate your gut with the good stuff you need for optimal health and mood.