Healthy Halloween Treats: Recommended Brands And Candy Alternatives

Pumpkins, fallen leaves, and a chill in the air means Halloween is coming. You’ve taken steps to overhaul your pantry, make better choices at restaurants, and are determined to or have already established a clean eating wellness routine. So how do you enjoy and encourage your loved ones to participate in the trick or treat holiday? Believe it or not, you can make better candy and treat choices this Halloween and options are available that are not laden with chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Our team of nutrition experts agree there are better choices available. While there may be some sugar, here is our list of the best alternatives including organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free options that use only natural ingredients with no refined sugar:

Not Your Sugar Mamas Chocolate
Our team at Provenance LOVES these gluten-free, dairy-free chocolates. A rare refined-sugar free chocolate that is also dedicated to quality ingredients, high nutritional value, and ethical sourcing.

Created by a Certified Health Counselor, these candies and chocolates are vegan and free of refined sugars, corn syrups, and artificial ingredients. We recommend the single serving packaged coconut milk caramels and fruit chew bursts.

Their mission is to “unjunk” the world” and they are starting by creating M&Ms® and Reese’s® alternatives. Gluten-free, corn-free, and soy-free, they use cabbage, carrot, and beet dyes along with organic milks and fair trade sugar and cacao. While these aren’t dairy-free or refined sugar free, they are still 100% better as an alternative to the traditional Halloween treats, and you can find them at major retailers like Target and Whole Foods.

Heavenly Organics
Single serving Chocolate Honey Patties are the perfect vegan and gluten-free treat for this Halloween. Supporting small family farms with a mission of leading the fair trade movement for the food industry, their chocolates are made with 100% organic raw white honey and 100% cocoa as the base for their six different flavors. And all of them are made with only 2-4 ingredients each.

HU Kitchen
From mint to banana and hazelnut praline, their chocolate bars are the real deal. With less than 5 ingredients in each bar, these chocolates are gluten-free, vegan, with no refined sugars.

Creating change in the industry and developing clean eating habits for your family and friends isn’t easy. Keep it simple and start with small choices and better purchase decisions throughout your day. You will make a difference in the community and future of your loved ones.

A few final tips for the parents out there. Feed your kids a healthful dinner full of protein before you go trick-or-treating so the effects on their blood sugar are mediated. And don't hesitate to invoke the "Switch Witch" the day after Halloween, trading their candy for a toy or even cash. Enjoy the holiday, and when it's over, let it be over instead of allowing the candy consumption become a daily habit.

Have a very happy Halloween!