Holy Mackerel!

As we strive to keep you nourished and fulfilled throughout the dynamic weather of the northeast, it would be shameful for me to not feature one of my favorite sustainable fish, mackerel, as we experience the first bite of winter. This is one of the first times we've had a dark-fleshed, or rather, oily, fish on our menu. How best to buckle up for the windchill than armed with omega-3 from a fish that can withstand the frigid arctic waters. High in mono & polyunsaturated fatty acids, but low on saturated fats, it's good for cardiovascular health, regulates blood sugars and blood pressure, and improves cognitive function. If this is your introduction to dark fish, or perhaps haven't tried it in a while, I'm asking you to take a seasonal challenge; try some simply prepared grilled mackerel on the first cold days of January. Cold-weather cultures subsist on the stuff and they still manage wide smiles and rosy cheeks in the dark days of winter.


In good health,

Chef Sung