Farmer Spotlight: Norwich Meadows Farm

The growing season is in full swing and we've been getting the majority of our seasonal produce and eggs these days from Norwich Meadows Farm in upstate NY. Norwich Meadows Farm is a certified organic farm growing produce, poultry and eggs. You might recognize the name if you've ever been to the Greenmarket at Union Square or Tompkins Square.   
Red kale, golden beets, rainbow carrots, spinach, red radish, hakurei turnips, and little gem lettuce are just a few of the beauties that have been making their way into your meals these days.  Our hardboiled eggs and eggs by the dozen are also raised on their beautiful pastures.  As soon as their chicken becomes available, you'll be enjoying those, too!

Farmers Zaid and Haifa Kurdieh have a strong commitment to growing food that nourishes and does not cause any harm to our bodies or our environment.  They started their farm in 2002 and are an example that commercial organic farming can be successful, inspiring a whole new generation of younger farmers in the region and the country.

We are proud to support Norwich Meadows Farm and bring their beautiful organic produce to you!