Two Week Transformation

Commit to clean and reset your body over the course of 2 work weeks

10 Day Monday to Friday Program

$75 / day (Includes delivery)


  • Combine 5 Days of Organic Meal Delivery with our most popular cleanse, the 5-Day Provenance Detox, with a weekend break in between. Over $50 in savings than if purchased separately.

  • Omnivore or 100% Plant-Based Program (menu is pre-selected by our culinary nutrition experts)

  • This program is ideal for anyone looking for a practical and simple way to reset. Over 2 work weeks, you'll incorporate healthy eating habits Monday through Friday while eliminating inflammatory triggers, such as gluten, dairy, refined sugar. In week 2, you'll increase your hydration and phytonutrient intake by replacing breakfast with a superfood protein shake and eliminating soy, corn and animal protein.

  • It is designed to be a complete overhaul helping you break any unhealthy eating habits and give you the opportunity to start fresh in just two weeks.

Eliminates inflammatory triggers

Week 1: Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, GMOs, Industrial Vegetable Oils

Week 2: Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, GMOs, Industrial Vegetable Oils, Meat, Egg, Corn, Soy

What's included in the Program

+ Week 1 - Organic Meal Delivery

  • 5 Provenance Plant-Based or Omnivore Meals for breakfast
  • 5 Provenance Plant-Based or Omnivore Meals for lunch
  • 5 Provenance Plant-Based or Omnivore Meals for snack
  • 5 Provenance Plant-Based or Omnivore Meals for dinner
  • Complimentary Delivery

Wherever you are in your current eating routine, week one will prepare your body for the upcoming detox. Depending on your meal preferences (plant-based or omnivore) our wellness experts will curate a selection for you from our weekly menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. The first week of the program starts with eliminating common inflammatory triggers (gluten, dairy, and refined sugar) and replacing them with the healing power of plants and high-quality proteins.

+ Week 2 - Provenance Detox

  • 5 Superfood Protein Shakes for breakfast
  • 5 Provenance Plant-Based Meals for lunch
  • 5 Provenance Plant-Based Meals for dinner
  • 5 bottles of ultra-hydrating Pomegranate Lime Chia Fresca
  • 10 sachets of soothing Herbal Detox Tea Tonic, with lemongrass, echinacea, licorice, dandelion root, peppermint, tulsi, and ginger
  • Provenance Flourish Probiotics (1 month supply)
  • Metagenics Clear Change® Daily Essentials supplements for advanced detoxification support (5 day supply)
  • Provenance Detox Guide
  • Daily Email Support from our Wellness Team
  • Complimentary Delivery

Your detox will be 100% plant-based and includes high protein breakfast shakes, prepared meals for lunch and dinner, herbal tea tonics, hydrating chia frescas, and targeted supplements. During this week we step up the elimination criteria and remove meat, egg, corn, and soy. The Friday before your detox begins, you will receive your Detox Guide and Self-Care Journal with important details needed to help you complete your detox. During your detox week, our wellness experts will also be sending you daily support emails to help you maximize your detox.

"I EXPECTED EATING CLEAN TO BE MUCH HARDER. I tried (and really liked) some new foods that I wouldn't have otherwise, generally felt healthier, and lost 5 pounds in the process! The experience has made me more cognizant of what I'm eating, and improved my overall eating habits. I would definitely do it again, and I think I've inspired a few friends to try it as well!" - Christine, Manhattan

All prepared meals and shakes are delivered in an insulated tote bag so you can easily take Provenance with you to the office or wherever your busy day brings you. With everything you need to eat clean and detoxify, you'll reduce inflammation, kickstart weight loss, boost immunity, and jumpstart a more healing lifestyle, without sacrificing taste.

Questions before starting?
Contact our certified health counselors and wellness experts at


What makes Provenance Meals different?


In our meal plans, YOU choose which meals you'd like from our weekly menu. It changes every week and features the best seasonal, nutrient-dense ingredients.


In the Provenance Meals world, we can all get along and eat good food together. There is no one perfect diet for everyone and not to mention all the different preferences, appetites, and tastes. 


We use nutrient-dense and local ingredients to nourish your body while doing no harm to the earth. We use compostable and recyclable containers, compost all our food waste, donate extra meals, and deliver in reusable totes.