Difference Between Cleanse Programs

Remember, wellness and clean eating is not about dieting or starving yourself. Instead you should focus on nourishing your body and fueling it with nutrient rich ingredients. Whether you are trying to recover from an illness, beat seasonal allergies, or slim down for vacation, our cleanse programs will help give your body a break from processed foods and set you on the path to greater wellbeing in your life.

What type of cleanse program should I do?

This is one of the most common questions our wellness experts receive from clients. Our answer: it depends on your wellness goals.

Our organic prepared meal plans are great for those that want to choose their meals. These plans are very flexible and allow you to choose the number of days and which meal types (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) you'd like from our weekly menu of 20+ options including omnivore, paleo, and plant-based selections.

Our cleanse programs are best for those looking for a metabolic and digestive reset, help developing better eating habits and guidance from our wellness experts to make their food choices throughout the day.


QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP? Contact our certified health counselors and wellness experts at info@provenancemeals.com or send us a tweet @provenancemeals.

Provenance Detox

- Omnivore or Plant-based Program
- 5 or 7 Days

The Provenance Detox featuring Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman is designed to heal your gut and balance your microbiome. Following the principles of functional medicine, the Provenance Detox follows the “4R” program of cleansing: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate and Repair. In as little as a week, your body will reset via changes in diet and the addition of targeted supplements. In addition, we strongly believe that there is no one right program for everyone. With the Provenance Detox, you choose your program length (5 or 7 days) and meal preferences (omnivore or plant-based). Included each day in this program is Be Well Cleanse Shakes and Supplements, Provenance prepared lunch and dinners, Provenance Detox Guide, and Daily Support Emails. As a reward for putting your health first seven days straight, we will also be including a bonus perk gift in the last delivery for everyone that chooses the 7 day program.

Commit to Clean

- Omnivore Program
- 21 Days

The 3 Week Commit to Clean Challenge program is designed to help you break any bad eating habits and set yourself up for a total clean eating routine that lasts. On this program we will send you a selection of omnivore meals and snacks (sustainably sourced seafood, pasture-raised poultry, and grass-fed beef as well as meals that have only vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains) to keep you nourished throughout the day for 21 days straight. Also included is a detailed guide with tips and tricks to maximize your cleanse, weekly bonus perk gifts from Provenance partners plus a complimentary 20 minute health coaching session with one of our certified culinary nutritionists on staff.