Cleanse Programs

Give your body a break from processed foods and hard-to-digest proteins with a short detox designed by our clean eating and wellness experts. Our programs include breakfasts, lunches, and dinners plus extras to keep you nourished throughout the day. All our cleanse program meals and shakes are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free, with no refined sugar.

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Nourish and detoxify with our newest, most flexible program ever

Designed for your schedule and your healthiest, prettiest Spring! The Provenance Whole Food Cleanse provides you with 2 to 5 days of smoothies, tea and meals that will keep your tummy full and your taste buds happy. 

$82 / day

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Everything you need to restore balance and reset your body.

We've put together a program of organic plant-based meals, shakes and supplements that are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, all delivered directly to your door. Our delicious prepared meals eliminate common allergens and inflammatory foods, and Be Well's shakes and supplements deliver essential nutrients that support detoxification and healthy digestion.

$360 + free delivery


Make a pledge to eat clean with us

We will send you nutrient rich meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the weekdays, a daily snack from Provenance-approved purveyors, a detailed guide with tips and tricks to keep it clean on your own over the weekend (think how to order at restaurants, what to cook for the family, and more), plus a complimentary 20-minute health coaching session with one of our certified culinary nutritionists on staff.

$975 + free delivery


Questions about the benefits of eating clean, what to consider before starting a detox, or which program is the right fit fit you?

Contact our certified health counselors and wellness experts at or send us a tweet @provenancemeals.

What makes Provenance Meals different?


In our meal plans, YOU choose which meals you'd like from our weekly menu. It changes every week and features the best seasonal, nutrient-dense ingredients.


In the Provenance Meals world, we can all get along and eat good food together. There is no one perfect diet for everyone and not to mention all the different preferences, appetites, and tastes. 


We use nutrient-dense and local ingredients to nourish your body while doing no harm to the earth. We use compostable and recyclable containers, compost all our food waste, donate extra meals, and deliver in reusable totes.